Te Matapihi Briefing to Incoming Ministers, January 2021 (FINAL)

The catch cry of the Te Matapihi BIM is the need for “More Māori Houses” to help address the housing crisis. In other words, more housing developments led and built by Māori, more whānau supported by Māori into appropriate housing, and more houses owned by Māori.
The BIM contains over 30 recommendations spanning homelessness, public housing and CHPs, home ownership, papakāinga, iwi housing and cross-sectoral issues, including recommendations to:

• Initiate the ‘review and reset’ of government policy committed to by the MAIHI framework
• Dedicate investment to growing Māori CHPs via the Public Housing Plan
• Undertake a comprehensive review of the Kāinga Whenua Loan Scheme with Māori
• Introduce at a national level a mechanism to protect the right of tangata whenua to develop papakāinga housing
• Explore funding models that help to leverage Iwi investment in housing
• Establish a multi-agency panel tasked with increasing Māori housing supply
• Review the government’s Māori housing strategy in co-design with the Māori housing sector
• Revitalise the Māori Housing Act 1935 and expand its scope
• Significantly increase the level of government investment in Māori-led housing solutions.

Te Matapihi Briefing to Incoming Ministers, January 2021 (FINAL).pdf


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