Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA) Newsletter 15 March 2021

Progressive Home Ownership Making Headlines For The Right Reasons, Habitat for Humanity Contracted to Build 33 New Homes Under Progressive Home Ownership, Accessible Properties Get Lifemark® 4-Star Certification For Public Housing Units, Te Puea Memorial Marae Indigenous Homeless Service finalist in 2021 Kiwibank Awards, What Are The On-going Building Lifecycle Costs of a New Building? Government Housing System Settings in Development: Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development and Resource Management Reform, In the News, EVENTS, Webinar on Self-determined Housing Options for Youth Leaving Care, Ngā Kōrero speaker series: Housing and Poverty: Can we fix it? The Changing Environment of Residential Tenancy Law Workshops, AHI Brighter Future Awards, Resources.

Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA) Newsletter 15 March 2021 .pdf


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