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How do we know New Zealanders are being well-housed?

Community Housing Aotearoa is identifying the appropriate measures to document our progress towards all New Zealanders well-housed. We welcome your ideas and suggestions on how best to measure progress toward adequate housing that is habitable, affordable, accessible, security of tenure, and culturally appropriate. The measures and current indicators are shown below.

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Measures for Well-Housed

Adequate housing means homes that are:



  • Severe housing deprivation reduced to zero by 2022
  • All housing to meet a habitability standard


  • Adopt a nationwide housing Warrant of Fitness (WoF) for rental housing by 1 July 2017
  • 50% of rental homes achieve housing Warrant of Fitness by 1 July 2022
  • 100% of rental homes achieve housing Warrant of Fitness by 2028

Status at October 2016

  • 41,000,1% of New Zealanders, in Severe Housing Deprivation in 2013
  • No Warrant of Fitness for housing exists


  • Households pay no more than around 30% of their gross income in rent or mortgage


  • Percentage of each Quintile paying above 30% of their gross household income in rent or mortgage repayments

Status at October 2016

Percentage of households paying above 30% of their gross household income in rent or mortgage repayments:

43% of Quintile 1
37% of Quintile 2
30% of Quintile 3
20% of Quintile 4
9% of Quintile 5


  • Every household is able to secure permanent, accessible housing appropriate to their needs.


  • Housing deprivation statistics measure zero by 2020
  • Universal Design Standards are required under Building Code
  • Number of days for placement from the Social Housing Register

Status at October 2016

  • 2.5% new homes achieving universal design standards
  • ___ length of time for accessibility modifications to be funded and complete
  • 144 days placement from the MSD Social Housing Register into appropriate social housing

Security of Tenure

  • Households are able to maintain housing for the duration they choose


  • Average length of tenancy
  • Average length of home-ownership tenure (compare year-over-year changes)

Status at October 2016

  • ___% of tenants who exit their tenancy within three years
  • ___% of people who have moved involuntarily vs those who have chosen to move
  • ___current length of home-ownership tenure

Culturally Appropriate

  • All households have a choice of housing appropriate to their cultural needs


  • Number of barriers removed for the development of Māori and Pacific peoples’ housing

Status at October 2016

  • 19% of Māori and 39% Pacific peoples in overcrowded households versus 10% of general population in overcrowded households
  • ___ of Māori and Pacific peoples who are severely housing deprived