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Our Place

In New Zealand we are faced with an inter-generational problem of inadequate housing that needs to be fixed now.

Our Vision – all New Zealanders well-housed

Our Place is a plan for delivering social and affordable housing in Aotearoa that has been prepared on behalf of the community housing sector by Community Housing Aotearoa. Download OUR PLACE 2017 Our Place.

The actions in Our Place 2016 illustrate housing solutions that strategic partners and natural allies can support in the plan.CHA Our Place Powerpoint 2017 01_3.jpgCHA Our Place Powerpoint 2017 01_4.jpg

CHA Our Place Powerpoint 2017 01_5.jpg

CHA Our Place Powerpoint 2017 01_6.jpg

Go to the next pages to learn about Our Place objectives, the housing affordability continuum and the measurements.

You can download the plans here or contact us to have one mailed to you:

Our Place 2017.pdf

Here is Our Place 2016

Here is Our Place 2015.

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Our Place 2016 in a nutshell.