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Housing Continuum

The community housing sector uses the concept of a ‘housing continuum’ to identify the role community housing organisations have in providing homes to meet a range of housing needs in New Zealand. The housing continuum, seen below, illustrates the pathway from homelessness and emergency shelters on the far left through assisted rental or assisted ownership, to private renting and ownership options in the market.

This is a tool for understanding housing delivery and need in communities over New Zealand and can be downloaded here:

Our Place - housing continuum.jpg

"The role of social and affordable housing is to address market failures across all segments of the housing market and to increase choice and movement between segments."

This concept helps provide a way to understand the state of each housing segment, how they are performing, or failing to perform, and how they affect other parts of the continuum.

Our Place - housing continuum.jpg

“Community housing providers have the ability to provide a mix of housing that would allow families to have a pathway to independence so that they can remain in their neighbourhood and go from maybe a social house to an affordable rental or a rent-to-buy and eventually into ownership." Chris Glaudel, CHA Deputy Director.

Download this PDF to read more about the principles and pathways involved in the Housing Continuum.

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