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Is Community Housing Aotearoa a government agency, a charity or a private company?

Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA) is not a Government agency. We are an incorporated society and a registered charity focussed on supporting groups to create affordable and social housing throughout New Zealand.

How is Community Housing Aotearoa different from Housing New Zealand?

CHA represents the interests of its member community housing organisations who provide a non-governmental community based alternative to state Kāinga Ora (HNZC housing) and private provision of housing. Typically community housing organisations are not-for-profit and meet affordable housing need in local communities. This is different to housing provided by Government owned, Kāinga Ora (Housing New Zealand), in their state houses.

Does Community Housing Aotearoa oversee the building of the houses?

CHA does not build or supply housing itself. We support our member community housing groups who oversee the building, purchasing and tenancies of homes for families and individuals needing access to affordable housing in New Zealand communities.

Who decides on who gets to live in one of the community houses?

A community housing organisation will have publicly available eligibility criteria for getting into their homes and a system for assessing and ranking applications based on housing need or any other objective outlined by their organisation.

Are community houses always free for the occupants to live in?

Tenants are expected to pay some portion of their income as rent. If it is through an income related rent tenancy it will be 25% of the tenant’s income. Other rents are generally between 50-80% of market rental levels depending on the rent policy set by the community housing organisation.

What kind of organisation or group is a typical community housing provider?

Typically providers of community housing are:

  • not-for-profit organisations reinvesting their profits back into providing housing or housing related services
  • part of the communities they work within
  • responsive to their tenants and regulated under the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA)
  • providing long-term, affordable and appropriate housing
  • working within the framework of Government’s social housing reform programme.

Who is eligible to become a Community Housing Aotearoa member?

Membership of Community Housing Aotearoa is open to all individuals, iwi, groups, organisations and businesses that operate, own, invest, partner, develop or reside in affordable, community and/or social housing, providing their aims and objectives are consistent with the objectives of Community Housing Aotearoa.

Who is a partner member of CHA?

CHA has full members and partner members. Full members are community or voluntary housing organisations, or groups of tenants of community housing. Partner members are individuals, local authorities, private development companies, and other private and public entities which invest, operate, own or develop affordable, community and/or social housing. Local authority housing providers are partner members. The CHA constitution will tell you more.

What are the benefits of being a Community Housing Aotearoa member?

If you are part of the community housing sector you will want to join to stay up-to-date with sector news, events and resources. We provide advice to members and best practice guidance to help develop their organisation and their service. One of the main benefits for members is their ability to take part in discussions that will shape the future of community housing in New Zealand.