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Housing First

A new approach to finding homes for people

International evidence demonstrates that it costs less to provide appropriate, secure housing and in-home support, than to continue providing the same person with sporadic, ongoing emergency and institutional assistance.

A Housing First approach prioritises moving people quickly into appropriate housing and then immediately providing access to wrap-around services to address the other issues in their lives.

For this approach to work we need an adequate supply of permanent housing to ensure people can move from emergency housing into their long-term housing of choice as soon as possible.

Go to the resources page and search for Housing First for more information on this approach and here are some short articles to read:

2016-04-20 Housing First Fact Sheet.pdf

Core Components of Rapid Rehousing.pdf

Sam Tsemberis, considered the father of Housing First, talks about this approach in the following video:

Housing First community of practice

This is a newly established group who are sharing practice and learning about Housing First in New Zealand. Members include agencies that are implementing and/or evaluating Housing First. Housing First involves quickly moving people into permanent housing with support to pursue their goals and improve their quality of life.

The People’s Project: Housing First is the belief that all people deserve to be housed

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People sleeping rough is a complex issue but it can be solved when communities and agencies work together. This is happening in Hamilton through The People’s Project.

The People’s Project Housing First is the belief that all people deserve to be housed - FINAL 250516.pdf

An update on this project in December 2016 shows that since its establishment in August 2014, The People’s Project has advised, assisted and housed over 800 individuals and families. Among the housed are 78 of the 80 rough sleepers or chronically homeless people identified in the central city in 2014.

The People's Project was the first in New Zealand to adopt the Housing First model, an internationally proven model that recognised that it was easier for people to address issues once they were housed. The project focuses on quickly moving vulnerable people into housing and immediately giving them access to the services they need.

94 percent of those housed by The People's Project were still in their homes a year or two down the track.

Find out more here.

Co-design in practice - the Auckland city centre Housing First project

housing first auckland banner.jpgA project looking at chronic homelessness in central Auckland, using a Housing First approach, incorporates a co-design process in its implementation. The group is using their collective knowledge to explore ways of getting chronic rough sleepers into housing - as quickly as possible. Read the article here:

auckland central housing first article final

Here's more information on the Housing First central Auckland project:

A programme to end homelessness in Auckland

July 12, 2017

“It’s given me confidence and stability. My self-esteem’s grown since I’ve been with Lifewise. It’s because I’ve got stability.”

Housing First extended to Tauranga and Christchurch

Providers have been selected for the expansion of the Housing First programme in Christchurch and Tauranga, Associate Housing and Urban Development Minister Jenny Salesa announced. Read more.

Facing homelessness? Āwhina is here to help

Āwhina is a directory for the homeless, by the homeless in Auckland and connects anyone facing homelessness to the people who can help.

They can help with finding emergency housing, meals, health services, counselling, legal help and more, all in one place.

Go here to see this website.