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Community Housing Solutions Ltd

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Community Housing Solutions Ltd (CHS) is the consulting service subsidiary of Community Housing Aotearoa. It was set up to provide Community Housing Aotearoa with a delivery arm to provide technical consulting services to individual members and community housing providers. CHS is trading and contracted to provide services to several organisations.

A general breakdown of the services provided by Community Housing Aotearoa and Community Housing Solutions Limited:

Community Housing Aotearoa

Publicly funded core peak body services

Community Housing Solutions Ltd

Fee for service

  • Public policy advice
  • Advocacy
  • Newsletter
  • Network support
  • Problem triage and advice
  • Directing to contacts or resources
  • Access to the Best Practice Standards
  • Up to date Best Practice Guide and associated resources
  • Advice on Best Practice implementation
  • Community Housing Regulatory Authority registration coaching
  • Advice and information related to Best Practice
  • Training and events
  • Housing needs assessments
  • Strategic planning advice
  • Asset management advice and portfolio planning
  • Community Housing Regulatory Authority registration application preparation
  • Research and evaluation
  • Development of organisational-specific resources
  • Development of scheme-specific financial models

How do we decide if the work should be done by Community Housing Aotearoa or by Community Housing Solutions?

We use this decision tree to decide if something falls under member or sector support or if it should be undertaken by Community Housing Solutions.

decision tree.JPG

Who do I talk to?

chris.jpgChris Glaudel

General Manager | Community Housing Solutions, is overseeing the delivery of services. Chris brings over 20 years of experience in community development with core skills in housing finance, housing development, asset management and policy. He has overseen the development of more than 1,500 affordable ownership and rental homes in central California. He was also responsible for the asset management of 115 properties throughout California with over 5,000 units, all serving low-income households. Phone (027) 4620605

Scott Figenshow

Director | Community Housing Solutions. Scott has 25 years experience in the community housing sector across non-profit, government and private sector roles. He has advanced degrees in planning and housing finance and is passionate about affordable and social housing as part of a holistic approach to mixed income and mixed tenure community development. Scott is experienced in policy development and its implementation, including inclusionary zoning and shared ownership, as well as combining non-profit and market housing development and working on affordable housing issues with private developers. Phone 021 061 9664.