Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship

Spencer Henshaw wanted to create a meaningful memorial of Hudson Sellars, their well-loved Quality Assurance Manager, who passed away last year.

Hudson was always an advocate for our trades’ contractors – and he met most of them in the course of his daily work. One of his constant desires, and something that’s a challenge for all of us competing for the services of skilled trades people, was to encourage subbies to grow their businesses, share their knowledge, and provide more jobs.

To honour Hudson, Spencer Henshaw developed the ‘Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship’. The scholarship comprises benefits for a selected apprentice – meeting the cost of the essential tools and course fees – and for the employer, by way of a generous contribution towards the first year’s wages. The plan is to offer the scholarship to the employee of a solid and professional employer who would be a top mentor. In the inaugural year the contractor selected was Jack Rogers of Rogers & Rogers Plumbers in Kaitaia and Jack was tasked with selecting and employing the ideal scholarship recipient.

Spencer Henshaw is proud to announce that George Steed was selected as the recipient of the inaugural Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship.

L-R: Hudson Sellars Apprentice Scholarship winner George Steed and Rod Spencer.

Jack Rogers told us that George is keen to learn the trade and gets on well with the rest of the staff.

He also said that all of Rogers & Rogers’ apprentices have come through Gateway programmes from Northland schools. Besides George they have two other apprentices and both of them came via secondary school Gateway Programmes – one also from Kaitaia College and one from Abundant Life School.

George Steed is truly a Kaitaia boy. He was born in Kaitaia and all of his schooling has been in the town. In 2017 as a year 13 multi-level vocational programme student at Kaitaia College, he achieved NCEA Level 3.

L-R: Rod Spencer (Spencer Henshaw), George Steed and Jack Rogers (both from Rogers & Rogers), and Neal Murphy (Spencer Henshaw).


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