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Supporting developments: making affordable homes happen

Private developers can realise benefits from working in partnership with a community housing organisation. In Special Housing Areas (SHAs) or on crown-owned land that has affordability thresholds, a partnership approach can ensure the timely delivery of targeted housing. Community housing organisations have a proven track record in this area.

You’ll find the following benefits from working with community housing organisations:

  • Well designed homescommunity housing organisations develop attractive, high quality, affordable, innovative and healthy homes which enhance the amenity of new areas.
  • Local needscommunity housing organisations know and understand their local communities and provide a range of services to fit local needs.
  • Stronger communitiesfrom putting on local events to connecting neighbours, having a local organisation delivering services in your new development creates an attractive community.
  • Business supportlocal professional business and community leaders are getting behind community housing organisations contributing goodwill and voluntary input into the area.
  • Confidencethe Government now registers community housing providers so you can be assured you’re dealing with a well governed and financed organisation.
  • Choiceoffering a range of housing options that enable people to rent and own affordably with support when needed.
  • Stabilityproviders build communities by championing community-focused housing options that are close to community facilities and transport, provide long term stability and personalised support to achieve social cohesion.
  • Great places to livecommunity housing provides want to create places that make it easy to live well, both homes and community.

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In Auckland, housing affordability is being addressed in a variety of ways, through legislation as well as targeted action plans and initiatives.

You can go here to the developers guide in the Making Affordable Homes Happen website to learn more about partnerships and housing development in the Auckland area. Development case studies from Wellington, Christchurch and other areas are also found on this site.

Kate Healy, Chief Operating Officer at Ngati Whatua Orakei Whai Rawa Limited

auckland council kate healy ngati whatua orakei whai rawa.jpgKate Healy, Chief Operating Officer at Ngati Whatua Orakei Whai Rawa Limited, shares her thoughts on Auckland’s housing challenges.

"It is undeniable that Auckland needs more good quality homes fast to provide Aucklanders with better lifestyle options. The Auckland Unitary Plan, once finalised, will assist in increasing the supply of well-design homes to the market. However, ensuring that the houses will be affordable is an ongoing challenge.

Most Aucklanders want to be home owners. While there are strong arguments made in favour of focussing on growing personal wealth through non-residential investment, it seems unlikely that the commonly held aspiration of homeownership will change any time soon. And with good reason. For most of us, a home is more than an investment; it is security for our whanau, and a lasting connection to a community. So, it’s time to explore different tenure models that could make this more achievable."

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